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*Menu updated every Saturday. However, due to a higher volume of customers, the strain menu is subject to change before the weekend update*

 Indica Strains:

$10/G  $30/(1/8)Oz  $60/(1/4)Oz  $120/(1/2)Oz  $220/Oz

God Bud

Bubba Kush

Hybrid Strains:

$10/G  $30/(1/8)Oz  $60/(1/4)Oz  $120/(1/2)Oz  $220/Oz

Gorilla Glue #4

Night Berry

Gelato Chem

Wedding Cake

Pineapple Express

Girl Scout Cookies

 Sativa Strains:

$10/G  $30/(1/8)Oz  $60/(1/4)Oz  $120/(1/2)Oz  $220/Oz

Lemon Thai

Sour Tang


CBD 50mL/$60

CBD 15mL/$20

THC Sativa or Indica 50mL/$50

THC Sativa or Indica 30mL/$30

Pet Tincture 30mL/$40

CBD 20:1 THC 30mL/$35

Pre-Rolled Cones:

$8/EA or 2 for $15

Sativa Blend

Indica Blend

Hybrid Blend

Shatter Cone $15/EA



CBD 33mg

THC 50mg

Topical Creams:

CBD Cream 30ml/$10 or 175mL/$60

Pain B Gone 30mL/$10 or 175mL/$60

BC Sacred Massage Oil 40mL/$20

MJ Creams (assorted) 50mL/$25 or 100mL/$50

THC Infused Body Scrubs $40/EA


Shatter $30/(1/2)G $50/G

Duke Nukem

Ice Wreck

Budder $25/(1/2)G $50/G

Green Crack

AK – 47

Big Bud

Purple OG

CBD Isolate 99% $25/(1/2)G

Pheonix Tears $25/G or $70/3G

Amber Oil $30/G


Oil Infused 180mg $5/EA – Butter Infused 150mg $5/EA


Chocolate Chip

Peanut Butter


Oatmeal Raisin

Double Chocolate Chip

Banana Bread

Butter Tart

Honey Oil Infused 40mg $5/EA

Cookies N Cream Bar

Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut Bar

Honey Oil Infused 100mg $7/EA

Sugar Free Thin Mints

Oil Infused House Chocolates 70mg $3/EA

Big Crunch


Cookies N Cream

Lemonade 150mg $5/EA

Tea (assorted) THC-80mg CBD-6mg $5/EA

Gummies (assorted) 150mg $5/EA

Drink Mixes (assorted) THC-80mg CBD-50mg $5/EA

THC Coconut Oil 2000mg/40mL $20/EA or 12000mg/200mL $75/EA

THC Olive Oil 1000mg/40mL $20/EA

THC Infused Honey 230mg/100G $30/EA

CBN Infused Honey 1000mg/100G $20/EA

THC Infused Wildflower Honey 750mg/100G $30/EA